Tuesday, March 03, 2009

27. Eastern White Pine

Got out ye old camera and set up the tripod at the sliding glass door yesterday. Brrrrrrr. I tried to get everything set before I opened the door, but even then, we had a bit of wintry weather make its way indoors. I'll have to go out and see (by number and type of needles per cluster and tree shape, according to The Tree Identification Book I picked up at a local Audubon gift shop) if we have any other evergreen trees growing in our backyard.

The largest, most common New England conifer, Pinus strobus can reach one hundred or so feet in height (worrisome during wind- and icestorms--we had half of one come down this past December, but luckily it was well away from the house). Its branches are nearly horizontal, and the needles grow in bundles of five.