Saturday, August 16, 2008

12. Common or Highbush Blackberry

Quickberry, Quackberry,
Pick me a blackberry!
Trainberry, trackberry,

Rumble and ramble
in blackberry bramble
Billions of berries
for blackberry jamble!

From Jamberry, by Bruce Degen, one of M.'s favorites, and probably his favorite four pages of the whole thing (the train).

These blackberries (Rubus allegheniesnsis (argutus)) were much sweeter than the ones I bought at the organic farm stand two days ago. I need to figure out what to do with those--they are too tart to eat. Now, blackberry jam, blackberry vinegar, or blackberry wine? Though I have to say I had a lovely black raspberry margarita tonight, and could see what I could do to make a blackberry syrup to add to the tequila next time around.

Blackberries are another one of those historical cure-alls, especially for boils, blackheads, rheumatism, and "piles." Now what made people in olden times get those last ailments so often--did they really sit around more than we do in front of our computers, or is it just that their seat options weren't as cushy? Inquiring minds don't really want to know.


Onoclea sensibilis said...

Jiminy! You went a-black-berrying without me. I must find one of these.

Onoclea sensibilis said...

Also, a well placed poem is always a wonderful addition.

Barb said...

I recommend Blackberry Schnapps, a specialty in our family. Put the berries into a bottle, about 1/2 or 2/3 of the bottle, add a good layer of sugar and fill up with rum. Let it sit in the sunshine for about a month and then wait another few month and voila - delicious! I drank all mine, otherwise I would come over and let you taste it.

Onoclea sensibilis said...

Despite the fact that I don't like rum - that sounds yummy! I wonder if it would work with vodka instead. Would anyone care to experiment and let me know?

-the older of the two Os Team

Fiddler said...

Hmmm. Sounds like an experiment I could get behind, OS. I'm not a rum fan, either. Tequila? Now we're talking.

Will look into the schnapps idea, Barb--thanks for the suggestion!

Fiddler said...

Oooh, I just found a blackberry schnapps recipe that uses vodka (which I just happen to have on hand), but I will add sugar like you suggest, Barb, because these were so tart. Attempting to add link: